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2013-08-27 (Tuesday)

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  1. Shorter films (Noisy Decent Graphics)

    How about trailers for movies, or the “Previously, on…” summaries at the start of TV episodes, as…


  1. ai/autoprefixer · GitHub

    “Parse CSS and add vendor prefixes to rules by Can I Use.” Very clever and good but, like increasing numbers of things, also makes me go, “oh god, I wish CSS was simpler.”


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    @whoisdanw Also, it’s surprising how little we could remember about what happened to those characters in previous series.

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    @whoisdanw Was on recently. Three two-part stories catching up on three characters from previous series. I liked stories 1 and 2 best.

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    Back from brief hols. Five ‘New York Review’s, ‘Game of Thrones’ S2, ‘Skins’ S7, most of Jack Womack’s ‘Ambient’, and lovely countryside.

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    @hondanhon No I hadn’t go it. Thanks.

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    Of course “twerk” comes from the German “Gesamtkunstwerk,” the fusion of all the arts into a single medium of dramatic expression.