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2013-06-23 (Sunday)

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  1. Boat Race protester Trenton Oldfield ordered to leave UK | World news | The Guardian

    This is outrageous. I can’t believe things could go this wrong in this day and age. “…he wrote a…


  1. The Society - The Makers of Things

    Some really lovely short films about the Society for Model and Experimental Engineers by my friend Anne Hollowday.


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    @anneholiday Congrats!

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    @aanand No problem, I hope it’s still useful! I must get round to writing my retrospective How I Did Freelancing Wrong post.

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    [Incoherent ramble about business admin, and being glad it’s not what I usually spend my days doing.]

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    Dear NSA, Sorry for extra workload. I’m archiving lots of old email locally. You’ve read it all before, so feel free to skip it.

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    @topfife Are they closing or deleting anything? I can’t see that they are…

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    Billion dollar idea: bagels, but not a stupid shape.

    Hackney, England, United Kingdom