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2012-09-05 (Wednesday)



  1. Exquisite Tweets from @pretendoffice, @rooreynolds

    This was a lot of fun. Saving for future reference. (Thanks @blech)


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    @dandelionradio Not to put the others down, but it's always a treat to tune in and find Rocker is in control.

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    @matlock Yes! (I'm around both days)

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    @dracos I read something about a kid in India who (just) made a living recycling. More and more of his time was spent separating materials.

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    @natematias Well, yes, it was Rev. London Integer whose integer was the object of attention.

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    OH1: "I'll show you an owl then." OH2: "Can I see your integer?"

    Islington, England, United Kingdom

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    @revdancatt I won’t be in till a bit later this morning, not sure who’s there now. I’m sure someone will let you in. Just say “Delivery!” :)

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    @spaceboy Good luck! I hope you survive such harsh and intolerable conditions. My thoughts are with you.

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    Remember those stories about ppl who got depressed cos they couldn't stay on the planet in Avatar? That, but with the Olympic Park.