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17 April 2011


  1. RequireJS

    To help with modularising JavaScript, loading bits asynchronously, managing dependencies, etc. Looks indispensable for large JS projects.

  2. State of Play by Mike Deri Smith - The Morning News

    On KidZania, the pretend-to-do-adult-jobs theme parks. The immediate leftist reaction is that this is an appalling, restrictive brainwashing of children by the corporate machine. On the other hand, I’d have *loved* this when I was a child.


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    Nice one Google: I upload my one Google Video video to YouTube, LIKE YOU TOLD ME, and it’s rejected because it’s too long. Yay posterity.

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    Uploading my one Google Video video to YouTube. Should be safe for, what, ten years, if I’m optimistic? Five? Bloody fly-by-nighters.

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    No travel agent middlemen required these days. Just wrestling dumb form validation, and phone queues to get simple card purchases allowed.

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    @memespring The original Daily Star version puts it down to “schoolboy error” which seems more true. Daily Star is more accurate than BBC...

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    @alruii Let’s do steering!

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    @alruii Yeah! That was a great lapping! Go on you drivers! I love cars and all of the formulas! Oh, hang on…