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2010-12-12 (Sunday)



  1. Michael Mace on What’s Wrong With RIM

    Really good and clear description of why RIM could be in big trouble, despite currently good financial results. Ignoring the RIM/Blackberry specifics, well worth a read for general diffusion of innovation and R&D type stuff. (via Daring Fireball)


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    @morrick Great, thanks for that.

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    @nickludlam But I want someone doing some sifting and, you know, journalism for me. Also, moons on sticks.

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    @revdancatt Doh, didn't even think of looking at their own site. This also good: (via @morrick)

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    When I see events alluded to on Twitter (Amazon/Gawker hacking) but can't find any "news", that's when I want a general news live blog.

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    @mik3yb Heathen! It's even a “proper” university, not an ex-poly. Known for its creative writing course.