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12 December 2010



  1. Michael Mace on What’s Wrong With RIM

    Really good and clear description of why RIM could be in big trouble, despite currently good financial results. Ignoring the RIM/Blackberry specifics, well worth a read for general diffusion of innovation and R&D type stuff. (via Daring Fireball)


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    @morrick Great, thanks for that.

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    @nickludlam But I want someone doing some sifting and, you know, journalism for me. Also, moons on sticks.

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    @revdancatt Doh, didn't even think of looking at their own site. This also good: (via @morrick)

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    When I see events alluded to on Twitter (Amazon/Gawker hacking) but can't find any "news", that's when I want a general news live blog.

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    @mik3yb Heathen! It's even a “proper” university, not an ex-poly. Known for its creative writing course.

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    It's like watching Bieber getting bad news through a kaleidoscope