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2009-12-08 (Tuesday)


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    @plasticbagUK Soon I'll be in with the normal 'Office Space' watchers and I'll be able to join in with their jokes about you. Weirdo.

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    @infovore @Doctoe See, 'Office Space' is one of those films that everyone has seen except me. Everyone in the world! Not for much longer.

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    Ooh, 'Office Space' is on Film 4 tonight and I've never seen it before. Finally.

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    @hondanhon That you can edit EchoBazaar tweets doesn't help everyone who gets continually spammed by their EchoBazaar-playing friends. :p

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    "And now I'm on Radio 4!" Benjamin Zephaniah, you're on #radio4 so often I expect to hear you in Ambridge babysitting Abbie.