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2008-08-13 (Wednesday)

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    Here in the UK, where we lead the world in cameras spying on our citizens, complaints like this…

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    @mildlydiverting Thanks, looks good. Although I also have six months of mp3 blog feeds to get through, plus a big list of albums to buy...

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    Clearing out my stagnant 'Current faves' playlist after six months of not getting round to listening to new music. Time for newness.

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    @schulze I'm about to upgrade Movable Type. You see, it's not all sunny cafes, idle reading, picturesque walks, good movies... but mostly.

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    'Dark Knight' was good fun but it does go on a bit. Now very full of duck and chocolate. And the sun's come out.

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    Bad: It's a little cloudy and blustery in Paris today. Good: 'Dark Knight' comes out here today.