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2008-07-17 (Thursday)

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  1. Mostly This: iQueue and Queue and Queue

    Oh, and as to “groaning systems”… the sign up process seemed to go smoothly - no hiccups or…

  2. Mostly This: iQueue and Queue and Queue

    You must have taken this not long after I left with my iPhone. The queue was quicker than expected…



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    @ianbetteridge How could you tell? Is it my bearing? Or the unmistakable fragrance of new technology?

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    That was as pleasant as a long wait can be. Now busing home, feeling strangely confident and more attractive.

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    Queuing with my hangover in the Apple Store. Hoping I reach the goal before I either fall asleep or starve to death.

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    Off to college to help clear up. It's all over.

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    Good feedback, good pub, good sitting drinking and chatting on Hackney Town Hall steps again. Now at home for good sleep.