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The Lands of the King, Witham
The Fee of the Bishop of London, Howbridge Hall
The Land of Saint Edmunds, Benton Hall
The Lands of Count Eustace, Bluntshall and Witham
The Lands of Robert Gernon, Witham (Powers Hall), Howbridge Hall
The Lands of Ranulf Peverel, Bluntshall
The Land of Moduin, Witham

 The Lands of Robert Gernon, part 1
The Lands of Robert Gernon, part 1
1. Witham tenet Hugo de Roberto quod tenuit Burcardus
2. liber homo tempore regis eduardi pro uno manerio & pro IIII hidis Tunc IIII carruce in dominio modo II modo II carruce
3. hominum & II villani & VI bordarii Tunc VI servi modo III VI acre prati I molendinum Tunc I
4. runcinus & II animalia & LXXX oves & XII porci modo I runcinus & IIII animalia
5. & C oves & XX porci & III vasa apium Semper valet IIII libras
1. Witham [Powers Hall]: holds Hugh, of Robert, which held Burcard, (Hugh holds Witham [Powers Hall] of Robert, which Burcard, a free man, held)
2. a free man in the time of King Edward, as one manor & as 4 hides. Then 4 ploughs on the demesne, now 2. Now 2 ploughs
3. of the men, & 2 villeins & 6 bordars. Then 6 serfs, now 3. 6 acres of meadow. 1 mill. Then 1
4. rouncey, & 2 beasts, & 80 sheep, & 12 pigs. Now 1 rouncey, & 4 beasts,
5. & 100 sheep, & 20 pigs, & 3 hives of bees. Always it is worth 4 pounds.


The name Powers Hall is not used in Domesday, but Morant and Round both give it to this entry. Powershall was known in other documents as 'Little Witham.'

The text is not entirely clear on the subject, but it seems probable that the men's ploughs, together with the villeins and bordars themselves, appeared here some time between 1066 and 1086. If so, they might have taken over the two plough-teams apparently 'lost' by the lord of the manor between the two dates from the demesne.

Powershall is some distance from meadowland. It is possible that the 6 acres mentioned were in the area now part of the River Walk, adjoining Armond Road, where Powershall owned some meadow in the 19th century.

 The Lands of Robert Gernon, part 2
The Lands of Robert Gernon, part 2
1. / Hobruge tenet Ricardus de Roberto quod tenuit Brictmarus tempore regis eduardi pro manerio
2. & pro II hidis & dimidia Semper II carruce in dominio & I carruca hominum & II villani & VI
3. bordarii Tunc VI servi modo nullus Silva XL porci XI acre prati I molendinum Tunc II animalia
4. modo IIII Tunc I runcinus modo nullus Tunc XII porci modo XL Tunc XXX oves modo
5. LIIII modo XXIIII capre Valet XL solidos
1. Howbridge [Hall]: holds Richard, of Robert, which held Brictmar in the time of King Edward, as a manor (Richard holds Howbridge [Hall] of Robert, which Brictmar held)
2. & as 2 hides & a half. Always 2 ploughs on the demesne, & 1 plough of the men, & 2 villeins, & 6
3. bordars, Then 6 serfs, now none. Woodland [for] 40 pigs. 11 acres of meadow. 1 mill. Then 2 beasts,
4. now 4. Then 1 rouncey, now none. Then 12 pigs, now 40. Then 30 sheep, now
5. 54. Now 24 goats. It is worth 40 shillings.


As the present Howbridge adjoins the River Brain, it is possible that the mill and meadowland were nearby

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