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The Lands of the King, Witham
The Fee of the Bishop of London, Howbridge Hall
The Land of Saint Edmunds, Benton Hall
The Lands of Count Eustace, Bluntshall and Witham
The Lands of Robert Gernon, Witham (Powers Hall), Howbridge Hall
The Lands of Ranulf Peverel, Bluntshall
The Land of Moduin, Witham

 The Lands of Count Eustace in Essex, part 1
The Lands of Count Eustace in Essex, part 1
1. / Blundeshalam tenet Comes in dominio quod tenuit I libera femina tempore regis eduardi
2. pro I Manerio & dimidia hida Semper I carruca in dominio & I bordarius VI acre prati Tunc valuit
3. XX solidos modo X
1. Bluntshall: holds the count in demesne, that held 1 free woman in the time of King Edward, (The count holds Bluntshall in demesne, that 1 free woman held)
2. as 1 manor & as half a hide. Always 1 plough on the demesne & 1 bordar. 6 acres of meadow. Then it was worth
3. 20 shillings, now 10.


 The Lands of Count Eustace in Essex, part 2
The Lands of Count Eustace in Essex, part 2
1. / Witham tenet Ricardus de comite quod tenuit haroldus pro LI acris Semper 1 carruca
2. & 1 bordarius II acre & dimidia prati Valet XX solidos
1. Witham: holds Richard, of the Count, which held Harold, as 51 acres. Always 1 plough (Richard holds Witham of the Count, which Harold held)
2. & 1 bordar. 2 acres & a half of meadow. It is worth 20 shillings.


Morant puts this with the preceding entry, in Blunts Hall manor, but Round has it as part of Witham itself. It was held by the same people that held Rivenhall, adjoining Witham. They had taken it away from the King's main Witham manor since 1066. It was probably re-united with Witham shortly after Domesday, when the latter was given to Count Eustace by the King. This makes its identification on the ground difficult.

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