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A bit late with this, but still… Recently I was lucky enough to do some work on Shownar with the clever chaps at Schulze & Webb for the BBC. It’s a site that finds people having conversations about BBC TV and radio programmes online and works out which shows are surprisingly popular. Because you might want to watch them.


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Ununited Eurasia

I recently worked on a fun project with Six to Start to promote the new single from popular radio and gramophone recording artistes Muse. The website, Ununited Eurasia was a week-long treasure hunt requiring fans to solve puzzles and find USB keys in seven cities around the world.


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New London Review of Books website

A few days ago the London Review of Books website relaunched with a new design and splendid new features. I was responsible for doing a load of the HTML/CSS templates for the project over its long gestation, and it’s lovely to see it all on the web at last.


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For the past few weeks I’ve been hidden away, typing furiously to create part of the “Misfits Online Experience”, which you can, er, experience, by visiting E4 and clicking the “Play” button. It’s to promote a new comedy drama (“ASBOs with superpowers”) starting shortly.


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Dreams Of Your Life

Last year I worked with Hide&Seek to make a website for Film4 to support the release of the film Dreams Of A Life. The site launched in December, and it’s called Dreams Of Your Life.


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My year at Berg

After a year at Berg as a Creative Technologist, I have now left and, while I remember it all, here’s some of what I’ve been doing for the past year.


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Clumsy-footed idiot

When I finished my last job I decided that unless the perfect role magically appeared I’d spend some time getting to grips with, to be vague, “data visualisation and mappy stuff”. I decided I could treat it like studying: set myself projects, learn new things, read related material, watch talks, and post frequent updates here. But there have been no updates here.


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Mappiness chart

Mappiness is a free iPhone app that helps you manually track your happiness, relaxedness and awakeness in different situations over time. I’ve made a tool that helps users examine their data more closely (or you can try it out with random data).


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Mappiness development

In the previous post I wrote about the chart for analysing Mappiness app data I made. In this post I’ll write about the process of making it. It’s like a director’s commentary!


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Today’s Guardian fixes

You may remember Today’s Guardian, a site I made in 2010. It’s been running reasonably smoothly for over five years, with only minor fixes, improvements and occasional nudges, which is pleasing. It broke recently but is now back. Almost.


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Today’s Guardian is back

A week ago I partly fixed my site Today’s Guardian, but it wasn’t fully repaired. Now it is.


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The Waddesdon Bequest website

Towards the end of 2015 I helped create a website for The Waddesdon Bequest, a collection at the British Museum, with Good, Form & Spectacle.


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MoMA Exhibition Seplunker

I recently worked on another site with Good, Form & Spectacle, the MoMA Exhibition Spelunker, exploring sixty years of exhibitions at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.


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Twelescreen updated for 2017

Keeping several projects up-to-date is like spinning plates (is that still a thing people do?). Sometimes things get out of date / crash to the floor. I just updated Twelescreen / picked up a plate.


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FFFFOUND! export script

FFFFOUND! is shutting down on 8th May. I haven’t used it for ages but I saved over 500 images in there a few years ago. I couldn’t find a backup tool that worked for me so I adapted one to make my own.


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Graphing the Guardian’s Eco Ratings for cars

I always read the Guardian’s ‘On The Road’ car reviews on a Saturday. They’re not detailed enough to inform a purchasing decision but I like car reviews that aren’t all Top Gear about things. I’ve always been intrigued by the reviews’ Eco Rating so I decided to graph the data.


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D3.js book series dates charts

I’ve written a thing in D3.js to draw charts that show when books in a series are set, compared with the dates on which they were published. You can see three examples on bl.ocks.org.


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