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I've been experimenting with making flapjack and the current batch is a winner. Here's the recipe...


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Thayer’s Pork Pies

I shared my latest batch of flapjacks around the office today and in return got a slice of one of Thayer's tasty home-made pork pies. I love pork pies but rarely buy them from shops as I shudder to think what peripheral shreds of pig are forced into those gelatinous and crumbly husks. But now I can make my own wholesome pies using Thayer's recipe. She adds:

I reckon the next batch I make will be 1/2 butter, 1/2 lard pastry, as the pastry is yummy yet lacking a little wetness (fatness?!) so I think that will sort it tip top.

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Auntie Phyl’s fruit cake

When out of work one of the many things to do is bake cakes. This week I've tried my great auntie Phyl's fruit cake recipe for the first time and it went down well at our first redundancy tea and cakes morning.


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