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Freckled eggs?

OK, I want a weblog, dammit. A personal one for occasional thoughts and news, rather than a dull topic-focused one.

But anyway, that reminds me of my favourite series of Doonesbury strips, from nearly ten years ago... The story continues for the rest of the week; use the little calendar.

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Newton: back from the dead

While I haven't been to a computer fair for several yonks they always seem to feature a table in the corner where men in beards exchange anecdotes and spare parts about their customised Sinclair QLs or BBC Micros. I am now slightly concerned I'm heading that way, having recently subscribed to the NewtonTalk mailing list...


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Keeping up with the Newtons

This week there's been some good stuff on the NewtonTalk mailing list that I mentioned.

I wasn't convinced by the description in that last one, until they then posted some links to a previous project. Forgive my tech lust, but that does look cool. Not US$175 of cool, but still cool.

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More Newton fun

I soon stopped reading the NewtonTalk mailing list as the traffic was just too much. But I've just come across a great summary of all the exciting things still being worked on for these devices whose production stopped five years ago. This came via Splorp which came via Steven Frank's description of connecting his Newton to Mac OS X.

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Pen v keyboard v Newton v Graffiti v Treo v iPhone

For some time I’ve been meaning to test my small collection of PDA/smartphone gadgets to see which of their methods of input was quickest. The iPhone’s software keyboard? The Newton’s handwriting recognition? Palm’s Graffiti? With the possible imminent arrival of a tablet from Apple that will save the world, it seemed a good time to get round to the test.


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