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Notating conversations

Last week I caught the end of Front Row on Radio 4, which was about different ways of notating speech in plays: how different playwrights have attempted to specify (or not) how lines should be delivered. (You can listen again for a couple more days -- jump through to 20:27 for the item in question.) The bit I found most interesting was how best to notate overlapping conversation.


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Encore Theatre Magazine

I was going to link to Encore Theatre Magazine, which has recently started up its weblog after many months of silence, but del.icio.us only lets me link to sites once. So instead you get treated to a fine example of the site’s fantastic ranting. While they do like some things (such as the current NT production of The Seagull) they mainly do an excellent line in outraged fury, such as this paragraph:


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Is everyone scared of maths?

A few days ago I saw Complicite’s new production at the Barbican, A Disappearing Number. I knew nothing about it other than Chris’s comments. Until he mentioned maths it hadn’t occurred to me it might feature in the show, despite the title. But it does, a lot.


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Me at Interesting 2008

Last weekend I gave a five minute talk at Interesting 2008 about how we use masks at college. Russell asked me to do something about acting, after my demonstration of an acting thing last year didn’t quite work, but I only settled on a specific topic a couple of days before the event. Given college is rather hectic at the moment I didn’t have enough time to prepare and so it’s with slight hesitation that I present two brief video snippets of me in action, taken and uploaded by Roo Reynolds:


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This week I’ve set up a new site for myself, PhilipGyford.com. It’s intended as a kind of shop window for me as an actor. Hmm, that sounds a bit poncy. Hell, just calling myself an actor sounds a bit poncy. But the idea is that people who might cast me in something can find out everything they need to know there without having to come to Gyford.com and wade through posts about Movable Type, music, bikes, etc.


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Email improvisation

Yesterday I described how Pretend Office, the company-wide mailing list for an imaginary company, came about. I also want to write about the parallels between taking part in this fiction and improvising on stage. It’s striking how similar both activities are.


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How’s the acting going?

Fifteen months after finishing that two year course on “Creating Theatre” (read more), hardly a week goes by without a few people asking, “How’s the acting going?” If nothing else, it proves how rarely I see many people I know. Loose connections. The brief answer to that question is “It’s not”. Which is fine, but requires some expansion.


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Selective Listening

In 2013 I had a small part in a film called Selective Listening. It was released in 2015 and now you can view the whole thing online for free.


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w/e 5 November 2017

This week I spent four hours each weekday with some folk from the Salon Collective, exploring how to adapt a classic play, to set it in modern-day England.


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