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Mini music genres: Famous exes

I like finding tiny musical genres: a few tracks that have something really specific in common. Not a broad theme like “Songs about London” but something more focused. So I thought I’d share them here, because you might have more suggestions for some of them. The first one is…


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Famous exes updated

Thanks to some suggestions, I’ve added a few more songs to yesterday’s post about songs written from the point of view of someone whose once-girl/boyfriend is now famous. You can jump straight to the new songs here.

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Mappiness chart

Mappiness is a free iPhone app that helps you manually track your happiness, relaxedness and awakeness in different situations over time. I’ve made a tool that helps users examine their data more closely (or you can try it out with random data).


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Mappiness development

In the previous post I wrote about the chart for analysing Mappiness app data I made. In this post I’ll write about the process of making it. It’s like a director’s commentary!


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Visit your nearest branch

Last week I spent a frustrating morning trying to open a business bank account. I assumed banks would make it as easy as possible and so I was surprised how frustrating it was. I’m easily put off by small but easily-avoidable annoyances and I found plenty of those.


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