Writing from January 2012

The Guardian’s iPad edition

When the Guardian’s iPad edition came out in October 2011 I wanted to use it for a while before writing about it. I didn’t plan on waiting this long, but here we are, in the future, and I still like it, very much.


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Dreams Of Your Life

Last year I worked with Hide&Seek to make a website for Film4 to support the release of the film Dreams Of A Life. The site launched in December, and it’s called Dreams Of Your Life.


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Comments switched off

I’ve switched off the ability to post comments on this site. Not because they’re a bad thing — I’m at the good low-level of popularity that means I get occasional comments and they’re generally not from idiots — but because of the amount of spam.


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Password protecting a Django site

Bit of a techy one, but I thought if I spend ten minutes writing this down it will, in the future, save me five minutes of re-Googling. Hmm. Anyway, if you want to add htaccess-style simple password protection to a Django website, here’s one way to do it fairly painlessly.


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A couple of good quotes about our glorious leaders from recent articles.


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