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Hyphenation on the web

I spent a while this week looking into how best to automatically hyphenate text on websites, to improve Today’s Guardian. I couldn’t find anything recent that summarised the options, so here’s a quick run-down of what I discovered. If you know any more, or any better, please do correct me.


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Today’s Guardian v1.1

I’ve recently spent a while tweaking Today’s Guardian, my site that makes it as easy as possible to read the current issue of the Guardian newspaper (read more about the project). The changes are mostly improvements for those using iPads, iPhones and iPod Touches. Here are the details:


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That’s no city

Rosemary Hill at the LRB Blog on the Shard, as it rises over London:


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A form of augmented reality

Kevin Slavin gave this talk about Augmented Reality recently and several people I know linked to it, or discussed it, usually casting it as some kind of smackdown of the AR industry. Oh, whatever. I don’t care enough about the AR industry to care about it being smacked down, so I didn’t watch it.


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Then behave yourselves

Stephen Sedley, in the London Review of Books, writing about rights of privacy from media intrusion. I liked these fragments, comparing the behaviour of the press with that of intrusive states:


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The undercover quanitifed self

Hamish MacGibbon writes in the London Review of Books (subscribers only) about his father, James, who was a spy for the Russians during and after World War II. There’s an account of the papers MacGibbon eventually gained access to which detailed the security services’ monitoring of the family during this period:


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Using virtualenv with Django on WebFaction

Today I set up a site on WebFaction’s hosting for the first time. Initially it was lovely — the control panel makes it easy to set up a wide arrange of different kinds of hosting environments. I got pip and virtualenv working fine, but I wasn’t sure how to have the site run within a virtualenv.


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