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A metaphor

That whole Gabrielle Giffords shooting and Sarah Palin’s map with gunsights on it thing is pretty amazing, in an obviously horrific way. But then you see something like this attempt at a defence from an aide of Palin’s and it gets even worse:


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Proper, big, exciting

I was on telly earlier this evening, on this episode of The One Show on BBC One. I’ve sneakily put the segment I was in on YouTube (ssshhh, no one will know!). I start about 40 seconds in:


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A Little History of the World by E.H. Gombrich

I recently read A Little History of the World by E.H. Gombrich (Amazon UK, US). It’s a great read, designed for, I guess, “young adults” but nicely written and really good as an overview of how lots of things fit together. I can imagine re-reading it every so often, as it’s a great foundational structure on which to build other learning.


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Today’s Guardian source

Better late than never… I’ve finally got round to making the code for my Today’s Guardian site, powered by the Guardian Open Platform, accessible on Bitbucket on Github. Feel free to grab it, run your own copy of the site, tinker with it, etc.


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Pepys’ Diary data available to play with

A bit of a cross-post, but I assume there are plenty of people who read this site who don’t follow The Diary of Samuel Pepys closely, but still might be interested. Hello geeks! I’ve just made loads of the data behind the site available in JSON format, in the hope some people feel like exploring it.


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Joining Really Interesting Group

One of the best things about 2010 was sharing an office with some lovely people following several years of working from home. This year some of us are taking that a step further and I’m honoured to say that I’m joining Really Interesting Group.


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