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Week 384

Before I head off to start Week 385 I have 383 and 384 to catch up on.


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The American Civil War, one day at a time

The New York Times has just launched a new blog, Disunion, which is re-telling the American Civil War in real time. I’ve been wanting, even expecting, more real-time historical accounts of events since starting The Diary of Samuel Pepys and it’s great to see such a high-profile example.


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Week notes

I’m going to stop writing week notes. I’m bored of writing them and it rarely feels like there’s much interesting to write. It’s become a bit of a chore.


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‘Where Good Ideas Come From’ by Steven Johnson

My notes from the book (Amazon UK, US), which was a good, easy read. Like many similar books (Shirky, Weinberger, et al) it brings together lots of ideas that in retrospect seem blindingly obvious, but which you would never have put into words before reading.


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The launch of bipolar disorder

This subscribers-only article at the London Review of Books by Mikkel Borch-Jacobsen about bipolar disorder is pretty good. It looks at how the invention and definition of the condition has changed over the decades, and also how it was launched.


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Why the iPad newspaper might not be doomed

I’ve been meaning to write something all week about Rupert Murdoch’s forthcoming Daily newspaper for the iPad. I thought I probably wouldn’t get round to it — too busy coding to write — but then Valleywag provided an excellent template in their dumb, shouty post ‘Why the iPad Newspaper is Doomed’ for me to write my own, disagreeing with them.


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