Writing from October 2010

COMMENTS_APP error when extending Django comments

In the hope of saving someone else the fruitless hour of Googling I just spent… If you’re trying to customize the Django comments framework as per the example, you might find yourself getting this error when the server tries to start up:


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Week 380

Two weeks to catch up on… I spent around three days each week climbing Django’s learning curve, as evidenced by the increase in dull-to-the-majority posts here about code.


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Week 381

I spent much of the week plugging away at Django, learning new things, making progress, but also hitting some huge frustrations.


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It no longer makes sense

There’s a long, good article about Nick Denton, publisher of Gizmodo, Gawker, et al, over at the New Yorker and Ian Betteridge draws our attention to one paragraph in particular:


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Week 382

Back to work this week, starting on a project with a new US-based client. So I spent most of the week iterating through sketches of possible interfaces for a website. It’s interesting stuff, but trying to brainstorm radically new things on one’s own, for several days, has its tough moments. Still, I think it’s going OK. That continues next week.


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Nearly future

James Bridle has an interesting post about “Network Realism” and William Gibson’s Zero History. Comments are closed there so I’ll do the right webby thing and post my hasty thoughts here.


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Muji PP Storage comparison spreadsheet

I’ve been doing some tidying up and sorting out, a process which inevitably leads to browsing Muji’s storage options. It’s hard to compare the various boxes and drawers and work out what will fit the items you need to blandly store, so I knocked up a spreadsheet in Google Docs, which I’m sharing with you:


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