Writing from June 2010

Week 362

A few days late, but last week… No client work in Week 362, but (or maybe “and”) a satisfying and fun few days.


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DIY Design

Last week I went to ‘DIY Design’, the St Bride Library conference 2010. It was two days of talks about design, printing and typography, “celebrating the work of all those who have chosen to do things differently.” Here’s more or less what I scribbled down…


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Week 363

A four-day week, two of which were spent at Somethin’ Else, continuing the bug-fixing, tweaking, polishing, updating and general finishing-off of the project I’ve been working on there for a while. We’re inching ever closer to the finish line with that.


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Today’s Guardian

I’ve made a new thing, Today’s Guardian, a website that features today’s edition of the Guardian (or the Observer on Sundays). Hopefully it’s as easy to browse through today’s newspaper as it would be with the print edition. It’s made using the Guardian’s Content API. Read on for the thoughts behind it…


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Week 364

That was a good week. I spent the first couple of days continuing work on Today’s Guardian, which appears to have gone down well; thanks for all the kind words. Then a couple of days working with BERG on their project codenamed Trumbull. And today was a leisurely Friday of updating Pepys. A nice mixture of stuff. No idea what I’m doing next week. See you then.

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Today’s Guardian feature requests

A week after launching Today’s Guardian and writing about the thoughts behind it I’m going to discuss the three most common feature requests I’ve received.


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Week 365

I spent the first half of the week failing to get Today’s Guardian working better on an iPhone and iPad. Well, I got it working better, but not working well. I dithered between different ways to move between articles with swipe gestures and looking at having on-screen next/previous buttons. Both proved difficult.


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Week 366

Last week… most of my working time was spent on Today’s Guardian, not that you’d know it. Trying to make the site work nicely on iPhone and iPad has been harder than I expected and progress has been slow.


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