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Foods I craved

A list of the foods I craved when I’d been in Morocco for a week and was tired of eating tagines and other local food and then had stomach trouble and ate almost nothing but occasional bananas, yoghurt and vegetable soup for five days:


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Twenty-four small drawers

Twenty-four small drawers, re-organised and labelled for the first time in more than twenty years:


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Week 361

After going on holiday it’s been hard to get back into writing weeknotes. I’m also frequently unsure whether to continue writing them. I enjoy reading those from other individuals and companies but, after the initial enthusiasm, I haven’t been sure what they’re for in my case.


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What have we today?

When I was sorting out some drawers a little while ago I came across some clippings from the early nineties. They’re nearly all from the New Statesman & Society’s (as it then was) ‘This England’ column. Readers send in clippings from newspapers which typify the extremes of the kind of Briton that would never read the New Statesman. So I can throw these clipping away, I thought I would type them up for both posterity and your amusement or despair.


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Nothing else to do

I was talking to a friend the other day about Sundays and how they’re not like Sundays any more. It’s partly that we’ve changed — we’re not easily bored kids who need entertaining any more. Or, in our cases, we’re not parents with easily bored kids who need entertaining. But, also, the world has changed and now Sundays are more like every other day.


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