Pretend Office RSS feed improvements

For those who might be interested, the RSS feed of emails sent to the Pretend Office company-wide email list now contains the full text of the emails, rather than a snippet. Ask IT to install it for you now!

If you don’t know what Pretend Office is:

For those of you in the IT department, I’ve updated my python code which scrapes and re-publishes the private Mailman archive and generates the RSS feed.

15 Jan 2010 at Twitter

  • 07:40am: Inexplicably woke up at 5.30am. Went for a swim at 6.30am. I wish I could stop composing tweets while I'm lying awake or swimming.
  • 01:16pm: The @pretendoffice RSS feed now includes the full text of emails. Hope it works; let me know of problems:
  • 03:34pm: It seems such a waste when I complete things I've been meaning to do for ages, and then realise I'd never even put them on my to do list.
  • 05:38pm: Beer-time in the BRIG thanks to @genmon; @antimega is on the virtual decks; crossing off long-stagnant to-dos. Almost a shame to go home.
  • 07:20pm: About to see Stewart Lee — at Leicester Square Theatre
  • 11:53pm: @blech Ouch, what they all said. Hope you're feeling fit again soon. Thinking of you here.