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Week 337

Paying work is now tailing off and I suspect there won’t be more than the odd day or two between now and sometime in 2010. Which is fine, but means I need to be more strict with myself about getting things done.


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Is modern web design too like print design?

Here’s a thought that’s been nagging at me for the past few months: Over the last decade or so web design has become increasingly homogenous, attempting to ape the styles of other, older media and losing touch with what could make it new and unique.


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Making news easier to read online

Next week I was planning on making the first steps with a side-project that maybe I needn’t bother with now. The New York Times Skimmer is pretty close to what I’ve been thinking of building for a while. Congrats to them — I only thought vaguely about it; they actually made something.


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Week 338

I nearly forgot to write this week. Although, when work is quiet, I wonder if it’s better to leave gaps, or to still write, to make clear that not all Weeknotes writers are horribly productive and thrusting and world-changing.


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As I wrote recently I’ve been thinking for a while about why I don’t like to read news online as much as I do on paper. So I was extra interested in seeing the latest video from the good folks at BERG in which Jack Schulze talks about their ideas for the future of digital magazines:


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Week 340

I last wrote two weeks ago and not much has happened since. But it’ll be a couple more weeks before I write again — next week is definitely a holiday for me — so I thought an end-of-year post would be in order now.


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Top Tunes 2009

Last year I got so involved in trying to get my “favourite tunes of 2008” list just right that I never finished it or posted anything. So this year I’m not treating it like a big deal and will get this done within an hour…


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