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The highwalks are an island

I originally wrote this as a comment in response to Will Wiles’ post In Praise of Beech Street, but unfortunately comments aren’t working there at the moment. So, with a bit of tweaking, I’ll do the bloggy thing and continue the conversation here instead.


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A bit late with this, but still… Recently I was lucky enough to do some work on Shownar with the clever chaps at Schulze & Webb for the BBC. It’s a site that finds people having conversations about BBC TV and radio programmes online and works out which shows are surprisingly popular. Because you might want to watch them.


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No one will be pointing at them

There’s lots of agonising about whether news websites should start charging readers at the moment. My initial reaction is that it could (and does) work for those with time-sensitive and exclusive content but for most general news sources it’s a road to tiny audiences. But, then, I don’t currently read any news websites when they’re free, so I’m hardly the target market for a pay-for version. Are there any websites I would pay for though?


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Anyone can write this crap

All the talk about online newspapers starting to charge for access became louder recently when David Simon, creator of The Wire wrote an essay about how the New York Times and Washington Post should both value their content and start charging simultaneously. (See, for example, John Gruber’s and Dave Winer’s responses.) I sympathise with Simon and would love to share his vision of a press worth saving but, as a reader, his vision is of a fantasy world.


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Why do you like running?

It was unfair of me to say yesterday that much newspapers’ content is space-filling, sensationalist, inaccurate and irrelevant nonsense. It’s unfair not because I was wrong, but because I neglected to mention that TV and radio news also suffer from the same problem.


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