Writing from June 2009

Twittering betimes

I feel bad for Samuel Pepys. OK, so he’s only been on Twitter for a few weeks but it isn’t right that I have twice as many followers as he has. There he is, working hard, sending men to war, talking to the King, flirting (and more) with ladies other than his wife, and only 204 people are interested. So, given he’s three hundred years off from being able to appeal for himself, consider this a plea on his behalf for more Twitter friends.


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When theft isn’t theft

Yesterday I wrote a letter to the Guardian. Originally I put quote marks around the word “Theft” in the phrase “Federation Against Software Theft”. In the context of the letter this was unexplained and was as as immature as replacing the “s” in “Microsoft” with a dollar sign (a sure sign of an impending knee-jerk response). It did me no favours and I removed the quote marks (and, for what it’s worth, shamefacedly re-sent the email) but I thought I would explain my aversion to the word theft in this context.


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