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Pretend Office

Apparently it’s National Office Week and I can think of no more depressing an occasion than this to tell you about Pretend Office. For a couple of months myself and some friends and strangers have been communicating via a mailing list as if it’s the “everyone@” company-wide list in an office where we all work. You can read the archives (here’s the first post) and follow the RSS feed. I’m told it’s quite funny.


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Email improvisation

Yesterday I described how Pretend Office, the company-wide mailing list for an imaginary company, came about. I also want to write about the parallels between taking part in this fiction and improvising on stage. It’s striking how similar both activities are.


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Mailman Archive Scraper

While I’m banging on about Pretend Office I thought I’d point out the Python script I wrote to re-publish the mailing list’s private archive into a semi-anonymised public location in case it’s of use to anyone else sometime.


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