Writing from April 2009

Google Street View

Live everyone else in the UK (all of them, without exception) I’ve been enjoying the new Google Street View imagery of our little country. Aside from echoing the general “wow, it’s amazing” feeling, two other thoughts have occurred to me.


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Ugly and neglected fragments

The joke going round about Yahoo! closing GeoCities is that the headlines should have been “GeoCities still exists!” It’s so much a part of the pre-Web 2.0 world — a world before weblogs and MySpace and Facebook — that before the announcement of its closure I couldn’t have been sure whether it was still online. Given the thousands or millions of sites hosted at GeoCities it’s remarkable how rarely one stumbles across any of them. Only with their impending disappearance do we realise what we’ll be missing.


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A tiny, tiny fraction

With Yahoo! about to close GeoCities I decided to grab copies of the few sites linked to from Pepys’ Diary. Broken links are an inevitable part of a ten year web project but advance knowledge that several linked-to sites would disappear at once doesn’t often happen. So now, thanks to the wonders of wget and some manual effort, I have a small collection of a few GeoCities sites.


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