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Old Think for Old Publishers

One of the most interesting panels I went to at SXSW this week was ‘New Think for Old Publishers’, organised by the US arm of Penguin. Unfortunately it wasn’t interesting for any of the correct reasons. Here’s the description of the panel:


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SXSW 2009

Over the past couple of weeks I was in San Jose for ETech and Austin for SXSW Interactive. I took a notes about most ETech talks I went to over at Overmorgen but that burned me out and I didn’t take any at SXSW. As a way of catch-up here are a few thoughts on SXSW:


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Liking something the wrong way

I enjoyed reading Dave Gorman’s account of some peoples’ expected social behaviour on Twitter. It reminds me of a while back when someone on Flickr blocked me from viewing their photos because I liked them.


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It’s not a race

I’m not the first to ask this question but it’s still perplexing… Why is BBC2 showing The Wire every night of the week? And at 11.20pm? Who is it at the BBC that shoves every decent American import it gets its hands on into the graveyard slot?


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