Writing from February 2009

A new kind of front page

A few months ago I said that the typical way of displaying aggregated content on websites — a list in reverse chronological order — probably wasn’t the best format. It treats everything with the same importance, whether it’s a twitter, a photo or a long essay. I’ve now, with my new front page, had a stab at something a little better. It’s not perfect but it’s a step in the right direction toward showing a snapshot of what I’ve been doing online recently.


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A while back I had an idea that began nagging at me: A reading list of all the very best books on a wide variety of subjects. A structured list that you could read through, discussing them with others, to get a comprehensive overview of everything there is to know.


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Chart Hits 83

Twenty-six years ago I saw a TV ad for a music compilation, put it on my Christmas list and unwrapped it on Christmas Day. That’s how life works when you’re twelve. I’ve a feeling I was given a different compilation than the one I asked for — maybe the TV ad was for the first Now That’s What I Call Music — but I didn’t care and listened to it over and over and over again.


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Choosing a wiki

I wanted to put a wiki on Septivium and bewildered by the huge choice I resorted to asking my modest Twitter following for recommendations (twice). Here’s a quick summary of what I found.


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