Writing from August 2008

Rush hour on the Barley Highway

I’ve been meaning to write about my new bike, a fixed-gear, for months. Now I’m in Paris and I’m enjoying the Parisians’ more relaxed attitude to cycling, and wondering why London cycling is so frantic.


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Opacity: 1 ! important;

Anyone who’s made websites for a while knows that if you re-design anything many of your users will hate the new design, and you for daring to change it. Bloglines recently tweaked the design of their beta version and it was no surprise that the forums soon filled with people complaining. But this time they were complaining almost uniformly about the decision to change the text colour from black to medium grey.


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Top Tunes of 2007, part 1

I managed to post my Top Tunes of 2006 before the year was even over. This year’s been a bit busier so instead I like to think I’m first with the forthcoming 2007 nostalgia action. Do you remember the iPhone? You had to actually touch it with your fingers!? Do you remember it?


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Movable Type 4.2

Just a quick one for anyone using Movable Type who has yet to upgrade to version 4.2: Don’t. Despite more than two months of public beta testing I’d wait for the next round of bug fixes (I should have learned this by now).


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Top Tunes of 2007, part 2 and 3

My plan to write about my favourite music of last year in three parts, and put the tracks from each one up on Muxtape has been foiled. The music industry appears to have shut the site down, part of its continuing campaign to make time run backwards to the 1980s.


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