Writing from July 2008

Fight Test

A the end of last year I wrote about the one-night-a-week stage combat course I was doing at the City Lit. A week ago we reached the end of the course and took our BASSC Fight Performance Test.


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The director’s vision

We’ve now had three of our eight final performance evenings at college, with six to eight people having their final projects performed each night. Other than my own piece (which is on the last evening, next week), I’ve now done all the performing I’ll be doing, and it’s been a lot of fun.


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Now and Then

Last Friday was the final day of our two year course at LISPA. It’s strange to be finished, but more of that next time. First, I’ve been meaning to write about my final project which we performed last Wednesday.


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Love and hate

I’m getting a bit behind. It’s been ten days since my time at LISPA ended and I’ve been busier than I expected, catching up on things I’d neglected for the final busy few weeks. I’m now on holiday in Paris doing very little: catching up on reading, wandering aimlessly, eating well, etc.


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