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Enjoying enjoying

That whooshing sound I’m suggesting you pretend to hear is the metaphorical sound of this year rushing past: we’re now a week into our final term of the course. Classes finished last term and we’re spending every day rehearsing. For these first two weeks we’re putting together a show of the best pieces we’ve developed over the past year which is proving to be surprising fun.


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Occasionally going "SSSHHHH!"

The last few days have been a bit of a blur as we prepared for and then put on a show of the best bits of our work over the past year. (I would have loved to invite you but space was much too limited unfortunately.) Quite aside from trying to get the pieces themselves up to scratch, the biggest challenge at this stage was creating a complete show out of about twenty separate pieces, with 34 actors, and no dedicated crew of any kind. Here’s what I remember of how our time was spent:


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Me at Interesting 2008

Last weekend I gave a five minute talk at Interesting 2008 about how we use masks at college. Russell asked me to do something about acting, after my demonstration of an acting thing last year didn’t quite work, but I only settled on a specific topic a couple of days before the event. Given college is rather hectic at the moment I didn’t have enough time to prepare and so it’s with slight hesitation that I present two brief video snippets of me in action, taken and uploaded by Roo Reynolds:


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Telling each other what to do

We’re now in the third week of the final phase of the Advanced Course at LISPA, our final projects. At the start of term we put on a show of the best stuff we’d created over the past year. Now, it feels like we’re looking forward rather than back, as this final few weeks begins a transition into the real world.


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