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A homepage, the power of design, and "consulting"

Before I played a tiny part in the gentle launch of the BBC Programmes website I spent the first few weeks of my summer break from college on another project for the BBC. Myself and Alan Connor were charged with the task of thinking about the direction the bbc.co.uk homepage should take in a year or two’s time.


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It was fun even

We’re into the third week now and it’s been the usual bumpy ride of “what fun!” periods crashing into “what am I doing with my life?” crises. Annoyingly, although my previous post was fairly upbeat, it marked the start of a few days of thinking I’d seriously made a mistake in returning to LISPA for the second year.


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This year we have a new weekly class, Company Development. It concerns the practical issues of putting on theatre: finding collaborators, forming a company, finding space, promoting shows, applying for funding, etc. Our first homework was to write down our “dream life as a creative artist” and the obstacles in our way. This was my attempt:


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Epic storytelling

I owe you at least one “college is going great” post. So here it is. College is going great. No, really. I’ve been mostly happy there for an entire week now and, of course, can’t imagine what the problem was before. Stupid emotions.


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