Writing from October 2007

BBC Programmes

Amid all of yesterday’s gloomy news from the BBC was hidden one cause for hoorays. The project I’ve been involved with for the past couple of months, BBC Programmes, launched. No, not much consolation to people worried about losing their jobs, but definitely a very good thing for the BBC.


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Back to school

Finally, term has started. These short European (I think) style terms mean most establishments are half-way through their first term already, but our first day back was today.


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Net::Delicious errors

I don’t like apologising for a post right at the start, but I must admit that this will probably be of no interest to most of you. But I’m a bit stuck with some perl and if nothing else, finding a solution might help someone else who Googles for the error messages, something I’ve had little luck with.


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The Advanced Course begins

We’re four days into the second (and final) year at LISPA and so far I’ve been alarmingly content. This makes me uneasy. It’s not normal.


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