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Carrying on

Last Friday the third of four terms at LISPA ended, and it was a good week or two. My group’s masked performance on the Monday went badly (stopped by the teachers before we finished) but we had a fun week and Friday’s performance went well — we enjoyed it and seemed to get a good reaction. Soon the fourth term begins and I need to decide whether to stay at LISPA for the “Advanced” (final) year.


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‘Literary Theory: An Introduction’ by Terry Eagleton

It took me forever to read this, but mainly because I was taking fairly detailed notes; it’s not too tricky a read really. I took notes because I knew I’d forget so much of it straight away, but I’d like some of it to stick, or at least be ready to hand for when I forget. It was a good grounding for someone like me whose English Literature study stopped at sixteen.


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‘A Whore’s Profession’ by David Mamet

This is a collection of other collections of essays on a variety of subjects. There is quite a lot of stuff early on in which Mamet recalls his childhood and early career in Chicago and New York. But the essays on acting, writing and directing interested me most, and these are what I took occasional notes on. Although, as he says, his thoughts on directing came after directing only two movies, at which point he thought he knew it all, but didn’t know how much he didn’t know.


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PMOG design

I’ve been slack about writing this up, but better late than never… One web project I’ve worked on while not prancing around at college has been Justin Hall’s Passively Multiplayer Online Game (PMOG) in association with the BBC. The gist is that Justin and Duncan Gough have been looking for ways to turn browsing the web into a game, with the added bonus of educating new users about the internet and its culture.


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Up, down, up, down

My previous perpetual dithering over whether to continue the LISPA course next year was mainly sitting on the fence, occasionally swinging my legs from one side to the other. This week, first day of this year’s final term, I began nowhere near the fence and have ended up back in the leg-swinging position again. Grr.


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