Writing from April 2007

Two NYRB notes

A couple of turned-down corners from recent book review reading. First, in ‘Is the UN Doomed?’ (subscribers only) in the New York Review of Books, 15 February 2007, Tony Judt briefly mentions the costs of the UN’s international peacekeeping efforts: “in 1993, peacekeeping expenses alone exceeded the UN’s entire annual budget by over 200 percent.” Which seems like crazy money until you read the related footnote:


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Finishing with animals

Real quick, as I must dash to college shortly. First, LISPA has an open day this coming Monday so, if you’ve been reading this with thoughts of attending from this autumn, why not come along. You need to book a place and details are on the LISPA site (click ‘Latest News’ and scroll down the pop-up window; yes, it would be easier if their news was visible on the front page of the site).


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