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Lilia Litviak workshops

There are a couple of reasons why I haven’t posted anything about the rehearsal process for Lilia Litvia: Fighter Ace. First, I often write notes after rehearsals and write more in my diary later, so I feel less need than usual to write a slightly sanitised version for public consumption. Second, I always feel a bit odd writing about events that involve non-blogging people — if you’re “one of us” it seems perfectly normal to read about something you’ve done on someone else’s site, but to normal people who don’t have websites, it must be a bit odd. I’m wary of normal people finding this, possibly unnecessarily.


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Lilia Litviak rehearsals

After the workshops, in which we played around with ideas and movement, we got down to more frequent sessions on the play itself in July — one evening a week and a few Sundays, building up to every Sunday this month.


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Lilia Litviak run-throughs

You must have seen one of the many Hollywood films where a gaggle of plucky underdogs is coached through certain failure only to finally (surprise!) win the day. Or you maybe you’ve watched one of the TV lifestyle documentaries like Faking It, Supernanny or Property Ladder that stick just as rigidly to the formula — in the third quarter hour the host will look on in despair as the protagonist demonstrates their utter hopelessness only to show that, after the adverts (surprise!) they can overcome the insurmountable odds to perform their new skill, control their awful children or temper their taste in interior decoration and sell a house.


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