Moving servers

Rather than spend this sunny day without work sitting outside, I’m in the process of moving my websites and email to a new host. So my sites may disappear or not work, and my ability to receive email might be erratic for the next couple of days. (It might be worth CCing gyford [at] gmail [dot] com if it’s an important email, just in case.)

9 Aug 2006 in Writing

This is on the new server
If you can read this, you’re looking at the site on the new server. Hopefully it’s no different, other than perhaps a smidgen faster. More details to come in a day or two, but now I’m off to bed….

9 Aug 2006 in Comments elsewhere

West Smithfield on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
They have very, very similar maps in Bristol. I came across one recently and it took me a while to work out why I couldn’t understand it. It too was upside down. Even when I realised that I had to…

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