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40,000 RSS feeds

For anyone who’s keeping track of such things, The Time When now has a load of RSS feeds, all with satisfyingly tidy URLs. To be accurate there are getting on for 40,000 RSS feeds, but practically this boils down to:


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Captionless exhibitions

Dan Hill has a rave review of The Barbican’s Future City exhibition that reminded me I’d meant to write something about it. Unfortunately I was going to moan rather than rave. The exhibition suffered from a severe lack of contextual information that left me bewildered by much of it, something I’ve found at a few exhibitions recently.


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Moving servers

Rather than spend this sunny day without work sitting outside, I’m in the process of moving my websites and email to a new host. So my sites may disappear or not work, and my ability to receive email might be erratic for the next couple of days. (It might be worth CCing gyford [at] gmail [dot] com if it’s an important email, just in case.)

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This is on the new server

If you can read this, you’re looking at the site on the new server. Hopefully it’s no different, other than perhaps a smidgen faster. More details to come in a day or two, but now I’m off to bed.

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See me in a play

After all that reading about me learning to act now’s your chance to come and see me in a play. OK, I haven’t got a starring role or anything in Lilia Litviak: Fighter Ace, seeing as it’s about a group of female, World War II, Soviet fighter pilots and me acting as a woman is not something the stage is ready for. To the point: come and see the show and buy tickets now — we need to sell some tickets sharpish to pay in advance for the venue.


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Server move autopsy

It was only early 2005 that I last moved servers and that was such a laborious process that I hoped I’d never have to do it again. But the difficulties of running Movable Type and PHP5 at Pair.com combined with an offer at TextDrive pushed me over the edge and I took the plunge. Result: one long day spent moving everything followed by 2-3 days of clearing up the ensuing mess. Really, this is the last time.


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A lick of paint

Having lived with the austere black and white look for a while I felt ready for a little brightening up. Not a lot, but a little. The new colours are shamelessly extracted from Sight & Sound (the print version rather than the website). Apart from an ugly couple of years from 2000 it’s been a beautifully, but simply, designed magazine since I began reading it in the early 90s.


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