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The Collection dress rehearsal

Last week was the dress rehearsal for our final performance. Nine pairs of us have been rehearsing a short scene each, from different plays, and this was the first chance we had to see them all. I hadn't realised how much of the evening's work would be logistical: putting the minimal and generic set up; sorting out props and costumes; and working out who would be changing the set and props between each scene. All made much harder by most people apparently having the tiniest of attention spans.


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The Collection performance

Last night, after hours of rehearsals over the past few weeks, we had our one and only performance of our scenes. It was nothing grand -- thirty or so invited friends and relations squeezed for a couple of hours into our hot and cramped classroom to watch us perform with a very makeshift and bare set. If there had been more room I'd have invited you. Next time.


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New York Review of Books, 27 April 2006

From 'The Global Delusion' by John Gray:

...immigrants still make up only around 3 percent of the world's population today, whereas in 1913 it was about 10 percent.


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Category Archives with MTMultiBlog

This is mainly for anyone Googling for how to get MTMultiBlog to display a list of entries in their Movable Type Category Archive pages. I spent a while Googling for an answer this week, finding only questions. So here's what I've done.


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Foundation course final essay

The year-long two-evenings-a-week Foundation acting course I've been doing was all over a couple of weeks back. The final task was to write 1,000 words about how the acting, movement and voice classes had affected our final performance. It was asking a lot to stretch the words "not a lot" out that much, so I made the essay more general and tried to be as balanced as possible. What had been worthwhile and what had felt like a waste of time? I thought I may as well paste it all in here...


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Last year I did quite a bit of work creating HTML/CSS templates for Ning.com. They're moving so quickly that most (if not all) of that work is no longer visible, but I've been doing a smidgen more work recently and part of that has just been released: The Ningbar. It's a bar across the top of the screen (for example, here) with lots of constant tools and mini-pages ready to be revealed from it. You can read more about it at and via Diego's post.


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‘True and False’ by David Mamet

This was a blast after reading drier, technique-based books on acting. It's a rant, as if Mamet got back from a bad rehearsal with amateurs, got pissed, and hammered away for 120 pages. His view of an actor is largely from the author's point of view; if an author does his job, the actor doesn't have to do much at all. A one paragraph summary would be:

You'll learn more by going on stage than you will by studying. Most acting teachers are frauds. The Method's techniques are worthless tools for amateurs. An actor must simply deliver the lines given by the author. And be brave.


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