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After an enjoyable and unusually sociable weekend I spent the parts of this week I wasn't battling Movable Type for an impending deadline battling a gang of ruthless flu-like symptoms. That'll teach me to leave the flat and step out into your germ-infested world.


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Movable Type’s over-enthusiastic sanitisation

Here's one for anyone from the future who Googles for Movable Type, MT, Convert Line Breaks, comments, comment, formatting, sanitize, santise, GlobalSanitizeSpec, line breaks, paragraphs, etc.

At the weekend I did an awful lot of messing around on this site, and around the same time annotations on Pepys' Diary started looking very wonky. For some reason comments were no longer formatted with <p></p> tags. Then I realised it was the same across all sites on my MT installation. Strange.


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My new site

Better late than never, I always say. Always. In case you haven't noticed, I've re-designed my site. Entirely re-built it in fact. This has been an exercise in how not to tackle a web project, an exercise in which I utterly flouted all the sensible rules of thumb I stick to on any work project. With no deadline, no budget, and a client (me) who kept throwing in features it's a wonder the site's finished. I'm trying hard not to be sick of the whole thing already.


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Goodbye TrackBacks

They've tried my patience before, but I'm finally switching off TrackBacks on all my weblogs. Including the Encyclopedia section of Pepys' Diary which relied on them for listing the dates when a person or place or thing was mentioned in the diary. I'll now have to write a script to laboriously extract links from diary entries and insert the appropriate TrackBacks into the Movable Type database.


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BBC Innovation Labs website

Over recent months I haven't produced much work that has been visible in public. The HTML/CSS I did for Ning has been pretty much the only example you could see, and much of that has already been re-worked. It's hard to keep up. But last week my new website for BBC Innovation Labs went live.


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