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UK gig ticket alert service wanted

This morning I realised I missed Stars playing at the Garage last night, which reminded me to write this idea up for the Lazyweb.


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If you see Sid, tell him the future’s broken

I don't remember much else from the campaign to privatise BT, other than that advertising catchline. [Update: But as Lee points out below, I even got that wrong. Doh.] But I'm sure one of the benefits of the whole sell-off -- aside from making everyone rich, RICH! -- was improved efficiency, modernisation, all that kind of thing. So why is it that, however many years on, five years into the future of the 21st century, that when our phone line goes mysteriously dead it's going to take BT a week, seven entire dial-tone-free days to do anything about it?


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Back online already

I can only assume the chairperson of BT reads my blog, as I can't think why else an engineer would have come round only hours after my last post. He couldn't quite fix the mysterious problem before knocking off on Friday, but was here bright and early this morning to not only get it working, but also fix the other phone socket that hasn't worked since we moved in.


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Back to school

You know those times when your hopefully rock-solid text editor crashes and loses the piece you'd spent half an hour typing? Yeah. Yeah. It was just here, on the screen in front of my eyes. I saw it. How come those words don't exist any more? Deep breath.


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First week over

The first week of classes is over (apart from the singing-for-idiots which starts next week) and it went reasonably well. The toughest aspect has been working with classes of strangers, having to get to know people from scratch again. We'd be playing some complicated game, designed to help everyone bond, concentrate, and be aware of what everyone else is doing, and we'd be royally screwing it up, and I'd be thinking, "but the group I spent two solid weeks with over the summer became good at this, why are we finding it so hard now?" No doubt we'll click before long, but it's frustrating at the moment.


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The Guardian’s re-purposing of online content

Generally I only buy a Guardian on Saturdays and last week's was the first of the new design. It was nice enough, although it'll take a while to get used to the new layout -- it felt like lots of familiar faces had been spread throughout an overly-sprawling Sunday Times-like paper. But one thing I definitely liked was the appearance of quotes from weblogs and the Guardian's own forums.


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Where’s my TV?

Steven Johnson has Continued…

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