I’m OK too

The scariness hits home when you get SMSs and emails from friends you haven’t heard from in months, asking if you’re OK. I’m working from home, as usual, and won’t be leaving my concrete bunker, from which I can hear sirens coming and going. Mary, who works near Liverpool Street and Aldgate, is fine too.


  • I’m glad to hear you’re both doing well. What a frightening day!

  • Phil…good to hear…hope Pauline and
    all our crew are safe and sound…take
    good care…john

  • Phil! Just checking in from your long-lost home in Clear Lake, Texas. *Y’all* stay safe…Jules

  • I just got an email from an American friend I worked with 5 years ago and haven’t heard from since, asking if I was alright! Was able to reassure her I was about 5,000 miles further from danger than she was…
    Keep safe P&M xxx

7 Jul 2005 in Links

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  1. Brian Eno (28)
  2. Red House Painters (26)
  3. Hem (15)
  4. Ben Folds (11)
  5. The Fall (7)
  6. The Smiths (7)
  7. Amerie (5)
  8. Paolo Conte (5)
  9. The Weakerthans (5)
  10. The Wedding Present (5)

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