Writing from June 2005

Nice chart of my MP3s over time

I'm fairly obsessive about the metadata on my MP3s and I do my best to fill in the Year of each track. 9,989 of my 12,217 tracks have a Year set, so there's still room for improvement. I wanted to see what the distribution of my music looked like over the past century and in the absence of iTunes being able to draw pretty graphs (all that data; surely Apple's missing a trick here) I did one in Excel:


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Working on evnt

I've been meaning to point at this for a while. Some time ago I did a bit of IA/design work on evnt and the results became visible a month ago.


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Acting through improvisation

I can pretty much guarantee that as soon as I've thought "Maybe I'll start writing more frequently," several weeks will zip by in a blur of work and I'll have written nothing. So another term has nearly finished and I didn't get very far with catching up on previous acting classes.


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