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Ten years on

Ten year anniversaries are alarming -- "Hey look," they say, "you've used a decade of your life, I hope it was worth it." Well, they do to me. They're so demanding. Ten years ago today I first went online and, for better or worse, nothing in my life now would be the same if I hadn't signed up with Demon and spent my savings on that 14.4 modem.


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Top Tunes of 2004

Every year I do not make a CD of my favourite tunes of the past twelve months and give copies to a few friends. No. Because while honest and good people have been making and sharing mix tapes for decades without civilisation collapsing, burning CDs and giving them to a few friends is, as we all know in this terrifying age, the spark that leads to the fiery hells of crime, drugs and, of course, terror.


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Contextual signage

Two newish things I like, which together are worth a post: a new sign at the Barbican and one of the new Channel 4 idents. (Click the images to see larger versions.)


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May the Government be damned for it

I must admit that over the past few months I've neglected keeping up with the news. I'm rarely conscious of the few minutes of Today that whispers at me in the morning, and only ever read a paper at the weekend.

But last night I caught a bit of Brian Sedgemore's speech in the House of Commons debate on the new Prevention of Terrorism Bill and, wheeee, is it worth a read:


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Server moving…

Gyford.com (and Byliner, Overmorgen and Pepys' Diary) is moving to a new server... so there may be some broken things around over the next few days. Sorry about that.

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