Beach hut photos

Beach hutA couple of weeks ago we went to Walton-on-the-Naze, on the Essex coast, for the weekend. The walk along the promenade to the more genteel Frinton-on-Sea is lined with beach huts, and the weather was good for taking photos. There are also a couple of photos of Walton’s muddy Backwaters (more on those here)


  • nice photos.much better than mine.

  • I adore your beach hut pics. I long for a beach hut - need a mortgage for one nowadays.

    Thanks for the pleasure.

  • Some interesting info.
    I have recently bought an old beach hut at Walton on the Naze Essex which has a very unusual name DALPIADA.
    The previous owners couldn’t tell me anything about the name and nobody locally had any idea either.

    Norman my partner looked on Google and found a site relating to Dalriada and the Celtic history and we could see there might be a connection!

    I couldn’t make sense of any anagrams but looking at the letters wondered if the P might have been an R.

    When I next went to the hut I looked carefully at the old plastic letters and could see that indeed the P was broken and had indeed been an R. making ” DALRIADA “
    We are trying to find out how old the hut is as it is certainly one of the oldest huts at Walton on the Naze.
    Maybe someone connected to your association had a link?
    Look forward to hearing if you have any more information o/Users/lynetteedmunds/Desktop/100_2620.JPGn Who or why the hut is called DALRIADA.

    kind regards Lynette Singers

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