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Less metadata, more music

I can recommend throwing away your To Do list, especially if its list of dull chores hasn't changed in a couple of years. But I can also recommend leaving one item on your To Do list; that big but fun task you've been saving for when all the dull tasks are completed.


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London’s Elections - The Designers

A couple of days after my voting forms for the imminent London and European elections arrived, I received a booklet containing mini-manifestos for each mayoral candidate. The great thing about it is that each party has obviously been given a double page spread to do what they like; each spread is entirely different in design, language, colour scheme, everything. It's like some peculiar political zine patched together from numerous contributions, and you can download the PDF, which is much more fun than the sanitised HTML version.


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Contrary to popular opinion some interesting things happen in Parliament. Unfortunately these are hidden by many more dull things. Finding the interesting things is made more difficult by the nature of the official record of Parliament, Hansard, which doesn't make life easy.


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Installing DBI and DBD::mysql on Mac OS X Panther

A more technical entry than I'd usually post here, but this is for the benefit of anyone who is having problems installing DBI and DBD::mysql on Mac OS X. I needed it to get Movable Type using MySQL on my PowerBook and spent far too long trying to get this to work. I should, however, say that I really don't understand what any of this is or does, only that it makes Movable Type's mt-check.cgi script tell me DBD::mysql is installed. Whatever that is. Follow these instructions at your own risk!


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Upgrading to Movable Type 3 (or not)

I spent the afternoon upgrading my devlopment server to use Movable Type 3.1.0D, in preparation for using it on all my websites. The basic upgrade isn't too tricky if you're comfortable (and careful!) with FTPing and checking file permissions, etc. So it's possible to get your site using MT3, without any new features, without too much trouble. The MT screens do feel a lot more responsive and less clunky now.


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We’re gonna need a bigger pipe

I've been grabbing music from Mostyn's Music Page for some time, but I only recently realised that a whole MP3 Blog scene has been blossoming out there. It's official: I am now (at least) several weeks behind the bleeding edge.


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Bishopsgate Goods Yard demolition

Aerial viewBishopsgate Goods Yard is currently being demolished to make way for the East London Line extension, although I can't recall now whether the project is stalled or not. Either way, demolition looks pretty complete, and although you can't see much from the street, an aerial view gives you a better perspective of the sea of bricks now filling the space between the walls. (I took the photos a month ago, although it's pretty much the same now.)


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Beach hut photos

Beach hutA couple of weeks ago we went to Walton-on-the-Naze, on the Essex coast, for the weekend. The walk along the promenade to the more genteel Frinton-on-Sea is lined with beach huts, and the weather was good for taking photos. There are also a couple of photos of Walton's muddy Backwaters (more on those here)

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New and improved Jamie Oliver

This year, when I haven't been coding TheyWorkForYou.com, I've been employed at the lovely Poke working on the new Jamie Oliver website, which launched yesterday. I feel rather too close to it now to describe it in any detail, but a few bullet-pointed highlights for you:


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Byliner stats

It's been more than four years since I launched Byliner and for months I've been meaning to look at how sign-up rates had changed. The site languished for a long time, and for a while I was telling myself I'd put the site out of its misery if there wasn't a single new registration in a calendar month. But that never quite happened.


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RCA and CSM degree shows

Friday afternoon I went to the degree show at the Royal College of Art, in London, (open until 2nd July). Here are the few things that caught my limited span of attention:


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