Goodbye spam

Received email for February 2004No prizes for guessing when I started using to filter my email.

I’ve only been using the service for a month, but now I can barely imagine having to wade through all those viruses and life-changing offers every time I collected my email. I’m often a little worried that I’ll lose an important message because someone doesn’t want to click the link in the “prove to me you’re human” email Knowspam sends out. But then again, I discovered I’d accidentally deleted at least one crucial email from a friend when trying to manually filter MyDoom virus mails a few weeks ago, so I doubt I’m any worse off on that front.

It’s such a strange relief to receive only my email.


  • What are the x and y on this graph? I’m sorry I’m a bit slow when it comes to this…

  • I’d guess ‘Received Email’ versus the day of the month….

  • Yes, that’s right Paul. Sorry I didn’t make it clearer. I just took Eudora’s graph as is.