Great ‘24’ review

I don’t watch 24 but I loved this Sight & Sound review of it by David Thompson.

The show required commentary. It needed its own talk show, with real-life pundits and senators coming on to discuss President Palmer’s situation. It needed a great dash of what Altman tried to do in Tanner, and what Welles was always after

27 Jul 2003 in Writing

Removing languages
I’ve reinstalled OS X and found a handy utility for removing all the unnecessary language files afterwards.
Encoding with LAME in iTunes revisited
There’s a much updated version of the iTunes-LAME Encoder.
T610 dimness
The Sony Ericsson T610 is indeed lovely, but that review was right about the dim screen.
Essex signposts and milestones
A great site of photos of signposts and milestones around Essex. No, it’s interesting.

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